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The Animal Welfare League's Humane Education Department offers a valuable experience on the magical world of animals and the environment. The goal is to provide children and adults with clear, informative presentations for all living creatures. Our hands on presentations are age specific, ranging from preschool through high school levels. Animals are present during the classes and students are given the opportunity to meet the animals after the presentation. Classroom participation is encouraged throughout the presentation. Our information is delivered through a combination of interactive discussions, activities and audio visual materials. Pre and post materials are also available upon request to all educators and leaders.

Although our humane education are free, we do recommend students get involved by collecting donations of desparetly needed pet products that they can present to the shelter the day of the visit. Click Here for a list of items needed.

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  • Age Specific in-school Presentations
  • Companion Animal Presentations for Civic Organizations
  • Tours of our Chicago Ridge and Chicago Shelters
  • Topic Specific Presentations
    • - Wildlife Cruelty
    • - Companion Animal Care
    • - Animal Diseases and Illnesses
  • Critter Camp at Chicago Ridge Shelter
  • Other Children's Activities
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