Chicago Fire Marshal saves Kittens


Heartwarming Story to Share:

Meet Fire Marshal, Jason Mardirosian of Chicago. Recently, Jason was conducting a training exercise involving arson investigations on an automobile. Cars are donated to the training station from city pounds. Needless to say, the cars are junked and pretty banged up. As part of the exercise, the car is covered in charcoal lighter fluid and then ignited with the intentions of the trainees to then investigate the cause of the fire. Just seconds before Jason hit the trigger lighter, just 1 ½ feet from the fluid, he heard a loud “squeak” coming from inside the car. Everyone paused and listened again. A few more squeeks and the group knew there was something inside. With the use of a knife, Jason was able to cut open the hatchback only to find four very frightened and very hungry kittens. 

After gathering blankets and food for the kittens, Jason opted to bring the babies here to the Animal Welfare League. Happy to report that the kittens are doing well and are being syringed fed by our caregivers. 

Jason stated, “Had it not been for the “loud mouth” of the bunch, the exercise might have turned into a rescue and not just an investigation!” 

Kudos to Jason and his team for rescuing this bunch. Goes to show that animals make their way to the Animal Welfare League with all kinds of stories… some just go untold!



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